Roger Burnay  Pet portrait and Wildlife Artist

Realistic, detailed hand painted original portraits of your pet in Pastels, Coloured Pencils, Acrylics or Oils from client photographs.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, all paintings can be viewed online and approved before purchase


About the Artist

      The log cabin studio

I started art in my late teens and having always had a natural affinity with animals of all sorts, focused on drawing them as my subject. Firstly using a mapping pen and ink, literally drawing in every hair and then progressing to brush and paint, using Watercolour, Oils, Acrylic and Pastel and Pencil learning techniques on route .

Following getting married, raising a family and developing a career, painting took a back seat for many years and it has only been in my latter years, that I have returned back to a hobby that I had thoroughly enjoyed previously and now is a full time occupation.

 I am a ex-member of the  Grt Yarmouth Guild of Artists and also of MVAN in Kent and had the pleasure of many of my paintings being exhibited in Galleries in Great Yarmouth, Maidstone and several others.

I attend the Royal Norfolk Show and Kent County Show during the year where much of my work is on display.ince then many of my paintings have appeared in local galleries and different Exhibitions in both Norfolk and Kent.