Roger Burnay  Pet portrait and Wildlife Artist

Realistic, detailed hand painted original portraits of your pet in Pastels, Coloured Pencils, Acrylics or Oils from client photographs.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, all paintings can be viewed online and approved before purchase

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   (from 1st January 2014)

The prices above are for either head study or full body, background scenery can be added at an additional cost approx £25 dependent on size of painting, please discuss at time of ordering.

Each extra pet as part of the same picture for all sizes add £25 per pet.

To assist you the following guidelines may be helpful.

12” x 10”   Suitable for one head study.

16” x 12”   Suitable for one or two head studies or one full body.

20” x 16”   Suitable for between 1 & 3 Head studies or 1 to 3 full bodies.

24” x 18”   Suitable for between 1 & 5 Head studies or 1 to 5 full bodies.

Prices (£)

(From 1st Jul 2015)

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