Roger Burnay  Pet portrait and Wildlife Artist

Realistic, detailed hand painted original portraits of your pet in Pastels, Coloured Pencils, Acrylics or Oils from client photographs.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, all paintings can be viewed online and approved before purchase

Using Windsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Oils and Afinity Acrylics on box or board canvas I tend to use fine linen based canvas models as this allows for a finer finish to the end product, suitable for pictures with or without a background, but one must allow more time due to length of drying paints in between layers.  The smallest size is 12” x 10” and as I also paint the sides on the box canvas they can be hung with or without frames. The board canvases are usually framed.


Faber Castell Pitt Pastel pencils are my favourites alongside Derwent, Schminke and Unison Pastel Sticks, perfect for blending different hues and textures, ideal for those pets with close lying or long wispy fur, subtle changes in colour and highlights including the velvety texture can often be achieved far more readily than with coloured pencil . I use Pastelmatt paper which is cork based or a very fine sandpaper texture on Colourfix paper both hold the pastel extremely well. Backgrounds can be introduced successfully  if required.


Using the Derwent range of coloured pencils from the soft Coloursoft to the Artist and Studio ranges gives me a choice of over 120 different hues to choose from, allowing for very detailed illustration of the fur. More suited to some pets than others and best where there is more than one colour involved such as the sample shown and where backgrounds are not required. Using a Fabriano 300 grm weight paper with it’s intense white surface helps to give the picture a much deeper feel.


Choice of mediums for your portrait

Selecting the right medium for your portrait is largely down to personal choice ,however sometimes the choice is dictated by the type and colour of the animal and the overall effect required, further details as follows:

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