Roger Burnay  Pet portrait and Wildlife Artist

Realistic, detailed hand painted original portraits of your pet in Pastels, Coloured Pencils, Acrylics or Oils from client photographs.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, all paintings can be viewed online and approved before purchase


Good photographs that are clear, detailed and in focus are the key to a good result, you may find the following tips helpful in achieving this.

Avoid taking photographs looking down on your pet as this often distorts the features, it is better to try to get down to the same level if possible or in the case of smaller pets putting them on a chair or similar.

It is better to use a zoom feature on your camera to get close-ups rather than take pictures close to the pet, as this is less disturbing to them and again avoids distortion.

The character and expressions of your pet are mainly seen in their eyes and therefore making the eye as your focal point when taking a photograph is ideal and preferred.

Getting someone to assist you by holding your pet can often help a great deal to getting the ideal shot as can using a squeaky toy to get the alertness in their expressions.

Avoid flash photography and take photographs in natural light whenever possible.

If however your pet is deceased and photographs are limited and not necessarily perfect it is always best to send me as many of them that you have so that I may advise on those that can be used.

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